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Linda's Trimalleolar Fracture


the Beginning: Linda's & Wayne's Wedding

The bride Linda wrote of their wedding…

Hawaii Wedding Album


The ankle pages described below were intentionally cacaphonic. (I know that word refers to sound, but I like the word: just understand it to describe the visual.) The dark (not black) background with an array of bright, vivid colors sprouted from my determined-to-walk-without-a-limp contrast to the dark, discouraging trimalleolar claims that populate the world wide web.  Pages were created during the first six months after I managed to mangle my ankle, after the ORIF (Open Reduction, Internal Fixation), the surgical procedure to fix broken ankles and other nasty injuries. Pictures of the day with me in the mud are included, as well as my ankle with 34 staples, and xray images of the screws and plate inside.


page 2
the Staple Contest

Except for the update info, the Staple Contest page is pretty much like its beginning. It was a way I could shout, This is awful! while working on it was an outlet for diminishing the frustration of the situation, through humor.


Weddings for our Troops  

page 3

Okay, I'll admit! I have entertaining dreams. A strange night for a strange experience. Oh, an update, too.


page 4
Six Month Review

This is, well, a six month review.


The End of the Story
Two Years Later

This is the End of the Story. The first page was for my family & friends. I added the following pages because you'd write to tell me you found encouragement. No more reviews. But, I will continue to answer your questions and send sympathy.





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