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Linda's Trimalleolar Fracture


the First Diary

March 30, 2004

Went to Hoomaluhia with Dutch this morning to officiate Linda's & Wayne's wedding. Instead of finding that perfect spot for the ceremony, I found the perfect hole to twist and break my ankle. While laying in the muddy grass, Linda & Wayne were married. The C&C paramedics came, gave me morphine, put a splint on my ankle (I had been supporting on my right shin). A park pickup truck drove onto the soft, mushy ground, the back of which I was quite gently laid, then taken to the parking lot and waiting ambulance.

Dutch followed to Castle Hospital, where I was later taken from the emergency room to the operating room. I had watched her chasing the ambulance through the ambulance's rear window, she making wild manuevers to stay close. I don't know how long I was in the emergency room, the morphine must have confused my sense of time. I wasn't concerned with what was ahead, I just wanted the pain to stop. Everything was pain.


Used a bedpan for the first time and wasn't very good at it. When I woke up, in the hospital room, Bob & Dutch were there. I was so tired.


Through that first night the nurse (male) was so nice, he kept checking on me, and telling me to use the button (self-administered morphine) as often as I wanted. Didn't sleep, and really didn't rest, either. I just was.


March 31

Still sleepy, but couldn't sleep, can't sleep. Dr. Wakatsuki came in and told me he put in 11 screws (he rolled his eyes to visualize and counted: 2 here, 2 here and 7 here) and a plate. So tired and sleepy.

The physical therapist came in with a walker, but didn't push, she could tell I wasn't up to much. Lots of talk about my not being ready to leave this afternoon.


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April 1

Feel a bit more energy today. The therapist showed me how to get around with the walker and said, yes, I could do the April 4 & 5 weddings.

Discharded from the hospital, home with Dutch. Adjustable bed, handicapped bathroom, willing spirit to be my caregiver (!).

My screaming leg, foot and toes did not want to be touched. Even as sheet across my toes was too much pressure. I couldn't even move my leg without pain, or with the aid of lifting hands. This bed, with the foot up, is perfect!


April 4

Went to the Outrigger and officiated Amanda & Jon on the balcony of their room. In a wheelchair. With Dutch pushing, it's backwards, but at least I got there. Talented couple, I'm glad I could marry them and see their happiness. I'm especially glad I even could officiate, after Linda's & Wayne's wedding.

Cancelled the April 5 wedding, it'd be too much.


April 9

Dutch rolled me to Magic Island to marry Al & Jayne. He'd had a broken ankle, from jumping off of a horse. At least he was doing something. He's doing well, hardly a limp.


[a note from now: A year later, Al & Jayne had another wedding ceremony, they're so happy! Also, Al developed problems with from his bimalleolar fracture and had to go for another surgery.]


April 12

Went to see Dr. Wakatsuki. He plucked out the staples, (34!) felt like bee stings. Put on a cast (purple). For a cast, quite comfortable. The three incisions are ghastly. Dutch took pictures for me. I guess I was thinking I'd just badly broken my leg. No.


April 17

Another wedding at Magic Island, Dean & Rebecca. I so appreciate the tentive TLC from my caregiver.

I've found nothing useful online about a trimalleolar fracture, only discouraging stories, how people don't walk, continuing pain. I don't like that blackness, I don't want that. I'll paint my own future.


April 19

Well, my ankle is waking up. It's been asleep up until now. It throbs. Movement hurts it. Pain. I wonder of our soldiers with their legs blown off, how they must feel. I'm fortunate, I pray for them. I must more than heal, I must smile.


[note from now: I've never been a dairy keeper, and abandoned this in lieu of the other pages, and focusing on my wedding business, Marriage in Hawaii™.]



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