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Linda's Staple Contest
(trimalleolar fracture with dislocation--xrays now included, very bottom of page)

the Ankle Story part 2
this page created April 13, 2004
* updated April 30, 2004: May 2, 2004

*updated again May 15, 2004 with trimalleolar fracture xray images (after the staple pictures, at the very bottom of this page, the second flash movie.)

**and again updated June 25, on the purple page, just in time for summer! By popular request a timeline is included. Look for the
See bottom of page for six month update link (Sept 30).

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How many staples on my ankle?
(images follow)


  1. only one entry per person
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  3. include
    1. your name
    2. the total number of staples
    3. your sympathies
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Will you be the winner?

What really happened on March 30, 2004 that created this dislocated and fractured-in-several-areas ankle (trimalleolar fracture with dislocation) injury? Stay online for The Ankle Story, and find out why I was in the muddy grass. You can also read a professor's first-hand testimony of the event, to be uploaded with more pictures of the day. Eventually. Maybe. For sure on another site.
*click here for the beginning of the Ankle Story (unforgettable wedding)*

*click here for third part of the Ankle Story (Purple)*


For now, here's me and others on an unforgettable day, March 30, 2004:

It was muddy. There was this perfect hole, just waiting for me...

This is so absurd, not to mention embarrassing!
Why did I have to find that hole?
(this ouch! = x times x!!)

This is one of the paramedics, Scott, causing pain by touching my ankle before he gave me morphine.

Staples Below!

FlashPlayer required to view the pictures -96KB.

Caution: Graphic images below! Not to be viewed by the queezy, unless someone is present with a bucket.

Images, unlike the ankle, are undoctored, taken thirteen (13) days after surgery, when the wrapped splint was removed. (I don't have a picture of my new purple cast.[[update...the Purple cast is here]]) I'm still on narcotics with my foot up in the air, hence this contest. :-)

pictures captured by Dutch

** see below for xrays & screws **

  I'd really like a message from you, so I made it easy to do! Just fill in the spaces below and click the button. Want to know more about a trimalleolar fracture? I've found out more than I was prepared for!

*click here for the beginning of the Ankle Story (unforgettable wedding)*

*click here for the third part of theAnkle Story (Purple)*

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well, not really finished yet.

May 15, 2004
more information added

...and again June 25

then September 30...



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trimalleolar fracture xrays - before & after surgery

What you experienced but didn't want to—
a dislocated and broken ankle

What you didn't want to know
& don't want to experience...

This "Staple Contest" page began as a reaction to the shock of seeing the result of the surgery converted to humor. My children, of course, wanted to see the pictures, and this mother needs to keep what she can positive for her children. God has given the smile of humor (along with the support of family) to put this ordeal in its place.

My brother used to tell me that the humor of a situation can be found in the truth of the situation. Needing to find the humor of this broken ankle business, I began a search for a better understanding of the excruciating pain at the end of my leg. There isn't much available, and what is available is not encouraging, but you've already discovered that if you've googled the topic.

This page will in the future expand to include a more detailed account of hopping through the stages of a broken ankle. Currently I am at the phase of removable cast / brace for a month, between hard cast (purple) & physical therapy.

The flash image below shows xrays taken the day of injury & surgery, March 30. The healing incisions were captured after the purple cast was removed and another set of xrays. The surgeon was pleased with the mending of all the fractures, those screwed and those not. (My husband says they look like drywall screws.)


trimalleolar fracture update link

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