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Linda's Trimalleolar Fracture  a.k.a. broken ankle

"As the name implies, the trimalleolar fracture consists of fractures of the medial, lateral, and posterior malleoli of the tibia." — source unknown

Eleven screws (four of 'em long enough for drywall), a plate, and thirty-four (34) staples were the surgical result — Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) — of my broken ankle. It's an injury as difficult as its name… What great news that the name isn't impossible! I'm so glad the word isn't so complex as "blown off" or "amputated".


If you've been surfing internet content to find an idea of what to expect after a trimalleolar fracture flavor of broken ankle (or of family friend, or just researching), you've probably discovered what I did a couple of years ago: the sparsely available information is not encouraging. That's why this part of my website remains.


"The brain is meant to control the body." —source unknown

Choose your attitude more carefully than you chose your injury. Don't believe all the awful things you hear about recovering (or not) from a trimalleolar fracture injury! Yes, it's a long, difficult, discouraging Road to Walk. But even if you must create your own good news, believe that you are fortunate that you will walk again, without a limp. If you choose, you will!


The Original Pages section contains the pages created during the first six months after I managed to mangle my ankle. Pictures of the day with me in the mud, my ankle with 34 staples, and xray images of the screws and plate inside.

On the Additional Pages you'll find the final, most recent additions. I have maintained this section, for you.

The Techinical Stuff page holds contact and other info.


Want to talk with others who share the experience?

Join the i_broke_my_ankle Group at Yahoo

formed July 19, 2006



   Weddings for our Troops   

I support our troops. If you'd like to show support of this ankle project or that Support our Troops, your donations are appreciated. And if you shop online, your purchases through a link at WeddingsForOurTroops will go towards a $60 Hawaii Marriage License for a Combat Troops!


I wish you a healthy recovery!



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