The JOY of the Lord is my strength.

Life is too complicated to take it too seriously. So laugh, and enjoy life.

Aloha! This page is to introduce you to the author/creator of my very first web authoring experience. It is intentional that these pages are simple rather than prolific with the technology available at the click of a button and hopefully viewable with a variety of browsers. I´d envisioned much information to make your visit worthwhile, but decided not to wait until it´s all compiled, but share at least some of the wealth of our wonderful Hawaiian Islands now and add to it later. I´d also envisioned photos of the Islands & a few animated graphics to amuze you, but don´t know how to do that. Yet. I´m learning as I go. [Actually, this page was written in 1996 and has been updated periodically. I do, now, actually know how to create animated graphics and even some java scripting, as the rotating clock/calendar teasing your mouse on some of the pages at KoaSeeds. As this site is ever-evolving, you can expect more to be added ... when it is.]

Variety was an intrinsic aspect of my childhood; we frequently moved from state to state, sometimes from country to country. My brothers & I were challenged to discover whatever novel solution could be found for a mundane situation. And we learned to appreciate beauty unadorned. My mother was from the deep South, my father from upstate New York. (If your name is "Rinebold", it´s likely we´re related.)

From computers to books and music, from children to American Sign Language and photography, space and history and maps, my life is nourished, exploring the variety God has set in motion in this joyful challenge called life.

I learned
the secret
of being content
in any situation
whether well fed
or hungry,
whether living in plenty
or in want.
I can do everything through Him who
gives me strength.

- Paul- from the book of Philippians

Linda Hephzibah Butts

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Mac OS X: The Missing Manual Second Edition
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Contributor to Prime Magazine


Linda Hephzibah Butts
Hephzibah is a Hebrew name meaning "The Lord´s delight is in her ", Isaiah 62:4
Born in California
parents: Pauline & Albert F. Rinebold


May 1996: Completed courses of Studies and awarded Degrees in; Theocentric Psychology, Theocentric Humanities, Philosophy in Religion, Doctor of Divinity
March 1994: Certificate Program in Management, University of Hawaii
1971-present: Engaged in continuous education including art, business management, computer, philosophy, religion
1969-1971: attended Atlantic Community College
1969: Graduated top third in class, Lower Cape May Regional High School
Elementary & Secondary Education in: Japan, Arizona, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, France, New Jersey

Occupational Highlights

1989-present: Desktop Publishing & Web Design services
1996: Licensed in Hawaii to perform Marriage ceremony
1988-1996: Assistant to the Pastor at our Church in Kaneohe, Hawaii
1971-1988: Full time, at home, Wife &Mother
1977: & 1979 daughters born
1973: twin sonsborn
1971: Married

Community Involvement

1998- 2005t: National Federation of Independent Business (Hawaii) Leadership Council
1993- 2005: Board of Directors, Kaneohe Business Group
1996 - 1998: President, Kaneohe Business Group
1995-2000: Chair/Coordinator, Hawaii Forest Industry Association's annual woodworking exhibition, Woods of Hawaii/HFIA WoodShow
1989 - 1992: treasurer, Stained Glass Association of Hawaii
1987 - 1989: Vice President, Heeia PTA
1980 - 1984: led weekly Ladies' Bible Studies in Honolulu

Other Interests

American Sign Language
the Visual Arts
Hawaiian Collectibles Critters
Computers, specifically the Macintosh
Space, Theoretics, Maps, History




Kaneohe Bay
photo by Hephzibah


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