David Pogue visits HMAUS
June 8, 2003

I was honored to review his book, "Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Second Edition", and now, a mini-review on the man himself, noted author & Mac expert David Pogue. (He wrote the O'Reilly "Missing Manual" series and other wonderful things.)

Hot off of the Geek Cruise on June 8, 2003, he was escorted to a discrete location where he revealed his enthusiastic, gracious humor for HMAUS,the Hawaii Macintosh & Apple User Society. He spent over two hours with Mac fanciers, everyone oohing and aahing, watching his impressive ability to make OS Ten jump through hoops. Yep, the guy knows his stuff!

Everyone would have to agree that he is a professional with his presention skills (especially those who procure his services!) and impressive with his knowledge and ability to put so many useful things on paper (as evidence, check out his impressive published works!). But, what impressed me the most is the man himself.

While David was obviously enjoying himself showing HMAUS members how to make their Macs obey spoken commands, his wife Jennifer and two beautiful children were quietly, patiently waiting for him in an area outside of the presentation room. When we later had a late lunch (the Pogue family and half a dozen HMAUSers) it was a pleasure to watch his transition from a role as a professional to that of a devoted husband and father.

Later, as he and his children romped in the pool, we had a delightful time with Jennifer, David's wife. (She's highly talented!) Jennifer glowed as she talked about hers & David's wedding plans, as though they were married last week instead of eight years ago. She described joy and excitement with David, and well as respect and admiration. He wrote their wedding songs! Smart man!

It became rather obvious that David's success is really due to a partnership, hers the silent role. Equally, beautifully matched, this couple. He should have been exhausted, yet, as we rode to the airport, David never did tire in his patience, conviviality and humor. The guy's for real!

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