Aloha!— myRant is not a blog. It is a collection of rants and musings, & assorted other words, that have escaped whatever part of the brain it is that sprinkles thoughts, wherever it does that. The topics vary. Entries are included when they are, not on a regular basis and surely, not daily.

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Three Branches of US
theFree & theBrave?
Crusade, Again
  Elephant in Pajamas
  East is West?
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  Potato Soup
Baby Bonds

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Some thoughts living here are new, while others are just no longer scattered. myRants have been gathered from scraps of paper in my dresser drawer, backs of envelopes on my desk, index cards that travel in my car, resurrected web pages that still amuse, snippets of Stickies on my desktop…

I'm in the process of sorting. Some writings have been published. I've included Kindergarten, part of theFamily (identified by the "°" beside the title. But I'm debating whether to include others in the series that began with theHouse, such as Mama Poisoned thePreacher and ElectricAngels.

At times but a phrase, at times a diatribe, the digital comments you'll find here may entertain you. You'll find my heart, you'll find my heartaches. If you're lucky, you may find something to think about.


P.S. Yes, I dabble in websites, too.

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